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real money pokiesThe group is also known as the 'Innerwest Brotherhood' and the young victim was forced to denounce a known subgroup, KVT, during the harrowing video. He was allegedly lured to the home by his friend, 19-year-old Kayla Dawson. The teen mum lived at the property and was said to be put out after a fake pair of Airpods were stolen from her. Youth outreach group Junction Works confirmed Sydney's brutal 'postcode violence' had infiltrated younger communities. Recruits within each gang are taught to take pride in their postcode above all else, often brawling, stealing and even killing in the name of their hometowns. The young victim reportedly grew up in Sydney's south east, attending Pagewood Primary School and frequenting Coogee beach each school holidays up until just a few years ago. Police are investigating whether the boy's death was linked to increasing postcode violence in the community. At one stage, he was reportedly living in Marrickville in the inner west. Tensions between gangs from the west and inner west have reportedly been fraught for more than two decades and spanned several generations of members.

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online pokies nzA decades-old gang rivalry spurred on by pride in one's postcode allegedly led to the death of a teenager inside a derelict western Sydney home. Within hours, they were alerted to footage circulating among young people on social media which appeared to show the boy denouncing '21 District', a known rival of several of the youth gangs in the Greater West. 21,' followed by declaring '27' was 'on top'. He was allegedly forced to yell obscenities about the 'inner west' post code, court documents revealed. When a 16-year-old boy was found bloodied, bruised and unresponsive inside a run-down housing commission home in Doonside in Sydney's west, first responders feared the worst. 21 District is somewhat of a coalition of gangs with members from all over the inner west comprising of young people usually in their teens or early 20s from postcodes that start with '21'. The 27 postcode comprises suburbs including Doonside, Rooty Hill and Mount Druitt - the home of the OneFour gang and separate rap group, who are idolised by many young people in the community for their success on the Australian music scene. australian online casinosThey are very much into the rap culture talking about (Los Angeles rival gangs) The Crips and Bloods and other violent groups,' one officer previously told The Daily Telegraph. Children as young as 13 are joining gangs. Tim Watson-Munro, a criminal psychologist, said young people have always sought a sense of belonging and community within their peer group. This is about being on the front foot and also letting these young members know if you want to be part of a gang you are going to be targeted for police attention. A high proportion of public housing, a high proportion of migrants and a high proportion of unemployment, in any city in the world that is a recipe for disaster,' Western Sydney University Dr Mike Kennedy said. But he explained this becomes dangerous when young people find 'security in numbers' within dysfunctional groups. This leads to trouble,' he said. Police will allege in court that the boy was left lifeless on the floor, not breathing. There is the danger that if you don't get to some of those involved early they are recruited by proper criminal gangs like the bikies,' Western Sydney University lecturer and former NSW detective Dr Mike Kennedy has previously warned. A former New South Wales detective said increased violence in lower socioeconomic communities was often due to a sense of hopelessness. She allegedly told the boy she was throwing a party, but when he arrived to the home, police claim four boys aged between 13 and 15 and a 15-year-old girl set upon him. Youth outreach group Junction Works confirmed Sydney's brutal 'postcode violence' had infiltrated younger communities. Glorified violence within young fans. District 21 is a known music group, similar to OneFour, creating songs about street violence and life on the streets. Sydney rapper Big Kash slammed the toxic culture which promoted. It is not clear if the group knew the alleged victim personally, or what their direct links are to youth gangs in the area. It's an ongoing issue. It's mainly in the Guildford and Blacktown areas but there's also recently been issues with gang violence among young people in different postcodes within the Canterbury-Bankstown area too. It is across all of Western Sydney that this is happening,' a spokesman said.
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Both music groups insist they are not affiliated with street gangs of the same name, in the same suburbs that are sung about in the songs they write. All characters in this music video are entirely fictional and are used for entertainment purposes only,' a disclaimer on one of their YouTube clips states. Two of the four members have served time in jail after they were linked to a brutal bashing in the pokies room at a Rooty Hill pub, while their manager was also served with a non-association order with the remaining two members on the outside. Recent violence prompted NSW Police to set up Strike Force Imbala, which consists of 20 detectives and analysis experts and monitors the activities of youth gangs. The lyrical content should not be taken literally. But police have expressed concerns that the atrocities referenced in the lyrics incite further violence and inspire young fans. The four official and original members of OneFour say the name comes from the year they were established.