Black Fungus (Wood Ear) Health Benefits

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Did you know that we use dried black fungus in some of our dishes? Also known as “wood ear”, this healthy ingredient improves blood circulation, & although tasteless, it is loved by our diners. It is crunchy and absorbs seasonings of which it is cooked with, & increases the fluidity of the blood.

Black Fungus

Here are more reasons to add this mushroom in your everyday diet:

  • High in protein and low in calorie.
  • Doesn’t contain any sugar (which is why it’s tasteless) and has only 10 milligrams of sodium per serving.
  • Helps strengthen one’s hair.
  • Easily prepared – can be served dry or in soup.
  • Widely used in traditional medicine to help prevent iron deficiency anemia, haematemesis, uterine bleeding, hemorrhoid, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cancer and many more.
  • Contains iron which is good in enriching blood when consumed regularly
  • Can be used to replace pig liver as a good source of iron as it contains up to seven times of iron compared to pig liver.

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